Pilot for “Bourbon Life”….small kine scene

Pilot EP Scene 4

Scene opens in a pristine import auto showroom, Chuck Knudsen (pronounced Kuh-Nude-son) is sitting with Q the finance manager. Chuck is the owner and he is one of those guys who was 6 foot tall and weighed 200 lbs in the fifth grade and whipped everyone’s Caucasian ass, then he just grew man boobs and got chubby, he has that baby boy face and giant paws.

Chuck: I know you think I don’t know what’s going on around here, but I got news for you B, I do.

Q: It’s Q sir…

Chuck: What is?

Q: My name sir, it’s Q.

Chuck: I know that

Q: You just called me B

Chuck: Right…ok, so are these the final numbers for the month?

Q: I don’t know what that is; it looks like a stack of blank paper, wait…It is a stack of blank paper!

Chuck: I know that

Q: So…why did you ask me if-

Chuck: Listen B…

Q: Its Q

Chuck: I know that…Q you are really going to have to adjust your attitude, if you want to continue working here!

Q: Attitude sir?

Chuck: Yes your attitude, it’s all about attitude Q…So as I was saying, are these the final numbers?

Q: (Smiling) Yes, if you think they are sir

Chuck: Stop calling me sir, this ain’t the Navy! And you know what else? These aren’t the final numbers (sifting thru a stack of blank papers) what the hell are trying to pull over here? The wool over my eyes? Huh?

Q: Excuse me sir?

Chuck: GODAMMIT B! Stop calling me sir and where are the final numbers?

Q: If you stop calling me B, I promise not to call you sir and…(smiling) there are no final numbers because it’s the 15th of the month.

Chuck: (cracks a big smile) Well done Q! You see…it’s all about attitude.

Q: Thank you Chuck, you are a born leader

Chuck: (Smiling) Oh stop it you’re embarrassing me now B…So… let’s get together on those numbers after lunch, I’m getting so damn hungry. I’m gonna get some hamburger lunch, what do you think?

Q: Great idea!

Chuck: Listen B..I mean Q…I know I’m hard on you, but I run a tight ship over here and I know more than you think I know.

Q:OK sir

Chuck: So you will have the numbers after lunch? No more screw-ups Q…

Q: Sure Chuck, no problem…(Q walks back to his office) I hate my life.

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