San Francisco’s clitoral sheath

I didn’t care for the other title “San Francisco’s Secret Treasure”

Deal with it.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, 50 cent Heinekens in the Castro, Chinatown, The Hoe Stroll in the Fillmore, North Beach, Union Square, The Tenderloin and Coit Tower are all landmarks, beauty marks, if you will, located in my favorite city, San Francisco, California.

There are quite a few local diamonds that did not make that prestigious list up there. This week we will concentrate on the Richmond District. In northwest corner of “The City” the Richmond is robed in Her grey gowns, noble in Her misty crown and bejeweled with some of finest gems for the world’s traveler.

Traveling westbound on Geary Avenue, “The Richmond” begins around Arguello and continues until She runs into the Pacific Ocean, bordered respectively by the Golden Gate Park to the south and The Presidio to the north. Also known as the “Outside Lands”, because She was originally “outside” of the city’s borders when California became a state, The Rich’ has Her charms and gifts for both the bustle of the local scene and the meanderings of the tourist.

Ninety percent of Golden Gate Park lies inside the Richmond and that 1000 acre Golden Gate Park has everything from bison and botanical gardens to groves of colonial trees, concourses for music and food festivals and a Frisbee course to accompany their 9 hole golf course. Sojourners in the SFC could spend 2 to 3 days exploring this lush city getaway alone! “Outside Lands” also offers 3 golf courses, several museums, gardens, a mini Chinatown and a myriad of unique restaurants, bars, boutiques and some of the finest produce the City by the Bay has to offer!

The next time you visit San Francisco make some time for the Richmond District, She will not disappoint!

Richmond District Highlights

Mescolanza- Northern Italian cuisine- Try the Linguine Limone, Shrimp Scampi and Thin crust pizzettas!

4 Star Theatre- Uber-hip 70s style movie-house that features obscure foreign films, Kung-Fu flicks and the classics.

Foggy Notion- Bad-ass boutique! – SF jewel shines with unique scented candles, killer leather bags, botanical bath soaps and local honey from the bees in Golden Gate Park!!

Tee-Off Bar and Grill- Dive bar delight- Bump a whitegirl’s head for the night or Belly up to the bar with the locals and enjoy their eclectic cuisine, copious cold drafts, college white girl pussygalore, hilarious theme nights, rad jukebox or play some ping pong alfresco?!

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