Feliz Cumpleaños Amorosa

From the winds and rain

of winter’s sleeves,

from the endless freeze,

and December’s clutch,

springtime came calling.

She rode the mist

with birth and resurrection,

with gospel grain,

with flowers and hummingbirds in her mouth,

she proclaimed your name,

 lit your love light

and sent lightning into your beating heart.

I was here, waiting to see,

not knowing

our glow would become one.

 I was only a lonely boy with brown eyes,

you, a girl with a diamond face.

We were let loose to drink up

all the glory and laughter 

our bellies could hold.

Time with her jealous ticking,

the fire of steadfast souls,

the golden mantra

and the twisting 


brought rain,

brought doubt

and shook the earth beneath our heavy feet.

The decades have tested us,

strengthened our minds and

Poured love into every part of us.

You have set me free

And let me shine

The way you first shined on me.