Don’t bring me Down

Don’t bring me down

Don’t bring me down with you

to stare into the hole of regret,

where the light switch is cemented

and still smoldering from the heat of my failures.

I am alone in the dark

searching for you

to bring me some light

and a blanket for my bed of stone.

Don’t step on my heart

that beats only for you,

that swings and sways

to the rhythm of your golden spirit.

Please don’t coax the worst words

to come flying from the blackest caves

of my mind,

they only live to bring destruction.

Remember, in their stead, when you were hungry

and I was your world.

I brought you food and shelter

with every piece of my soul singing;

“I love you my Angelitas”

Love is patient and kind;

it has no room for elbows

of spite and vengeance

or dull knives that woodpeckers hold

When you were naked and afraid

I clothed you with my warm hands,

bathed you in oil

and spoke words of comfort and peace

into your tiny ears.

I fed you truth and made you strong again,

I held you when you came to me in tears

with a broken body and mind.

Now I am the one who comes crying to you,

I am the one who has perpetuated a pain

in your soul spawned by the seeds of evil men.

I feel nothing but shame and loneliness; wearing the guilt

like a guilty man should

as he looks at his hands covered in blood

from the only true heart he has ever known.

I would never ask forgiveness for that which is unforgivable,

I only ask for kindness in my time of need.

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