SRJC student’s horror story gives hope for new life after drug abuse

“I will give this interview on two conditions; you can’t use my name and you have to write it in a way that will help someone out there, you know someone on meth”

This is how my interview began with Rosie Lockwood, a mid-thirties Bay Area native, who attends Santa Rosa Junior College.

Rosie Lockwood is in the Federal Witness Protection Program. She is a single mother of three elementary school children, a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous and a full time student who proudly brags about her 4.0 grade point average.

“The last semester I got a “B” on my philosophy paper and I started crying”, Lockwood said holding back her laughter. “After the hell I have been through, I’m crying about a “B”?

Lockwood has been tormented by drug abuse since she was a child. “I remember my speed freak mom used to tell me that’s it was ok to date older men and even sleep with them if they sold dope and had money”

“My mom was supposed to keep me away from that kind of shit, instead she turned me on to it”

Lockwood began using meth at age 13, at 21 she met her husband who was 20 years her senior and a narcotics underboss for one of the largest cartels in North America. She refused to provide any specific details on her husband in the likelihood that anyone reading this article may “put two and two together and put her family in harm’s way”

“In the beginning it was like thatGoodfellas” movie; he knew everyone and everyone knew him, I was treated like a queen, I had whatever I wanted” Lockwood recalls.

This royal treatment didn’t last long though, in less than two months Lockwood was using meth everyday; smoking it at first and ultimately becoming an IV user of both meth and heroine.

Lockwood went on to describe horrific accounts of domestic violence including being stabbed, beaten, raped and sodomized by her husband and his friends.

“Yeah, dope dealers don’t like it when you do up all the dope that they are supposed to sell, even after all that, I wasn’t able to stop using” Lockwood said in a solemn tone.

Lockwood’s husband had “f**ked up a pretty big deal in Mexico” in the summer of 2012 that eventually led to his incarceration and subsequent entry into the Federal Witness Protection Plan along with “Rosie” and their three children.

“You know, today… I have a quiet mind and a loving heart, those are the gifts I got by working my program” Lockwood said with her smile lighting up the cafeteria.

“Lots of my friends tried to get clean and sober but were tripping hard on the spiritual part of the program, I told them its ok, if God scares you out of AA, drugs and alcohol will scare you right back in”


D.A. Medina




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