What is Ralph Crammed in, if he ain’t yellin at Ed Norton?

what is sex

when you’re

home alone?

what is Amerikkka


the mobile phone?

what’s Macaulay Caulkin

if he ain’t sulkin’

In his pajamas?

what is Alabama

If it ain’t bleeding

or if it ain’t Beatin’

everyone brown?

what is boogie down

Without D Nice?

what is a cross if it doesn’t have Christ

what’s fried rice

if you

don’t add bacon?

what are the Feds…..

if they ain’t takin,

all your cash?

What is a gash if you ain’t packin heat?

whats a whiteboy if he rapped to the beat?

what is a stash if you ain’t got a strap

what is wooly if you can’t bust a cap

what’s bomb sex if you didn’t take a nap

what is  Mr. Google if He didn’t have an app

what are the Greeks if they ain’t teaching?

whats mr Taso if he ain’t preachin?

What’s a remora if it ain’t leachin?

what is battle without the beat bumpin

what is a horn dog if he ain’t humpin

What is a Hindu if he ate cattle ?

what is Seattle

if it ain’t raining

what is your girl

if she ain’t complaining

what is a hamstring

if it ain’t straining?

what’s Asheville if you can’t get drunk?

what is a dime is she ain’t got a trunk?

what’s Mr Webster if he wasn’t Monk?

what is doughnut if it can’t dunk?

Ooooooh  ooooooh

It’s like that I keep bonin’

What is Chewbakka

if he ain’t groanin

at Han Solo

what is a kid if he didn’t play bolo?

What’s water polo without white people?

What’s Big D if he wasn’t fair and equal ?

what is Frodo if he didn’t get the sequel ?

What is Consizzle

without the missing tooth?

what’s a long tongue without a kissing booth?

what is Topski without burning both ends ?

what’s  Thom Yorke if he didn’t have the Bends?


what is my chick if she didn’t have  a weapon

what’s Big Daddy without the half steppin’?

what is this rhyme if I didn’t say what

what is baby if you don’t wipe his butt?


Ice T been hatin POOKIE

whats Gus Cutty

without the spray paint

what is a border if you ain’t got a taint

Ooooh oooh

its like that I keep spitting

what is a Panda Bear if he wasn’t shittin?

What is Medina if the beat ain’t hittin?

what is kitty if you can’t keep it wet

what is Smidi if he didn’t say “Bet”

what’s Big D

without the logorrhea

what is a toddler without diarrhea?

Whats Daniel San with out Miyagi San?

what is THE MAN if he didn’t have a pawn ?

what is this writing if I keep on and on?


jigga what





D.A. Medina




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