History: Race in Amerikkka Pt.2

How did the Bacon Rebellion affect social order in Virginia?

The English Elitists in Virginia had created a hierarchical of race and class structure which served the English well and furthered their economic goals. The Bacon Rebellion had the essential elements of a rebellion; a large and angry lower class who were well armed, a sense of unity amongst people from varied backgrounds and color, a common enemy and an inspired leader.

The rebels, fueled by anger and desperation, burned Jamestown to the ground and forced Governor William Berkeley to flee by ship. As a result, wealthy landowners saw that the social order would never serve them as they intended if there where white laborers intermingled amongst the blacks. After the Bacon Rebellion the planters along with the English decided to use Africans exclusively for their slave labor and denied the Africans to bear arms or the right to assemble in order to prevent subsequent insurrections.

Ultimately, The Bacon Rebellion created deeper more defined tiers in the social order in Virginia and throughout the colonies adopting a labor force based on caste.



History: Race In Amerikkka

Why did the Puritans of the 1600s view the Native Americans as “Devils”?


The root of the Puritan viewpoint was the fact that the Puritans came to America to practice their faith system and believed that their voyage and subsequent colonization was God’s will. It was this philosophy that led the Puritan to believe that if the Puritans are with God and His plan, anything and anyone that stood in their way must be in league with the Devil and his demonic ways. When they arrived in Massachusetts, their so called Promised Land, the Native Americans were already showing signs of loss in their population die to unseen pathogens and their lack of immunity against English disease. The Puritans erroneously viewed this as a sign from God, leaving science in the wind of ignorance. Since the ways of the Native American were different from the Puritan they were viewed as barbaric and demonic, subsequently the Native American himself became the manifestation of the Devil. The fact of the matter was that the Native American had been living in peace and prosperity for many moons. They, unlike the Puritan, believed in a synergistic view of the land, where equality between man and his environment were essential to survival and growth.





San Francisco’s clitoral sheath

I didn’t care for the other title “San Francisco’s Secret Treasure”

Deal with it.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, 50 cent Heinekens in the Castro, Chinatown, The Hoe Stroll in the Fillmore, North Beach, Union Square, The Tenderloin and Coit Tower are all landmarks, beauty marks, if you will, located in my favorite city, San Francisco, California.

There are quite a few local diamonds that did not make that prestigious list up there. This week we will concentrate on the Richmond District. In northwest corner of “The City” the Richmond is robed in Her grey gowns, noble in Her misty crown and bejeweled with some of finest gems for the world’s traveler.

Traveling westbound on Geary Avenue, “The Richmond” begins around Arguello and continues until She runs into the Pacific Ocean, bordered respectively by the Golden Gate Park to the south and The Presidio to the north. Also known as the “Outside Lands”, because She was originally “outside” of the city’s borders when California became a state, The Rich’ has Her charms and gifts for both the bustle of the local scene and the meanderings of the tourist.

Ninety percent of Golden Gate Park lies inside the Richmond and that 1000 acre Golden Gate Park has everything from bison and botanical gardens to groves of colonial trees, concourses for music and food festivals and a Frisbee course to accompany their 9 hole golf course. Sojourners in the SFC could spend 2 to 3 days exploring this lush city getaway alone! “Outside Lands” also offers 3 golf courses, several museums, gardens, a mini Chinatown and a myriad of unique restaurants, bars, boutiques and some of the finest produce the City by the Bay has to offer!

The next time you visit San Francisco make some time for the Richmond District, She will not disappoint!

Richmond District Highlights

Mescolanza- Northern Italian cuisine- Try the Linguine Limone, Shrimp Scampi and Thin crust pizzettas! http://www.mescolanza.net

4 Star Theatre- Uber-hip 70s style movie-house that features obscure foreign films, Kung-Fu flicks and the classics. http://www.lntsf.com

Foggy Notion- Bad-ass boutique! – SF jewel shines with unique scented candles, killer leather bags, botanical bath soaps and local honey from the bees in Golden Gate Park!! http://www.foggy-notion.com

Tee-Off Bar and Grill- Dive bar delight- Bump a whitegirl’s head for the night or Belly up to the bar with the locals and enjoy their eclectic cuisine, copious cold drafts, college white girl pussygalore, hilarious theme nights, rad jukebox or play some ping pong alfresco?! http://www.teeoffbarandgrill.com

Please visit my site if you aren’t one of these text robots who are infecting our nation with unoriginality and poor taste….www.wecontroloursoul.com for more tips, recommendations or if you want to meet a real Dick.

SB277 hits California affecting K-12 and College students alike

Senator Pan authors bill under heavy scrutiny of private agenda, bypassing committees and severing constitutional state rights

Imagine you come to work and your supervisor calls you and your coworkers into a large room and informs you that you need to get injected with a vaccine that contain carcinogens, gastrointestinal toxicants, respiratory toxicants and a cocktail of aborted human fetus, neurotoxins and a splash of antifreeze that may or may not cause you to stop breathing depending on your genetic make up.

Imagine the financial aid department at your school required you to do the same thing.

What if your child’s admissions department said your child could not attend school next year unless your child was vaccinated?

What if you are a single working parent attending college and you can’t afford to home school your children?

Will you sacrifice the health of your children for their education or sacrifice their education for their health?

There is no need to imagine or speculate anymore.

Governor Brown signed SB 277, the most stringent vaccine mandate in the United States on June 30, 2015 and families that do not comply will not be able to exercise their state constitutional right to a free and appropriate education.

In 2016 parents will be forced to allow their family doctors and nurses to inject their children with over 40 doses of federally recommended vaccines and the language in SB277 allows the state to add more vaccines to the list.

Debra Baretta, an opponent of SB277 and a Bay Area mother of three healthy boys, was on the Petaluma campus of Santa Rosa Junior College in September 2015 urging students to sign a petition that would allow Californians to vote on the vaccination mandate.

“My boys are 10, 12 and 16 years old, they rarely get sick and have never been vaccinated, it was my choice for them and now this bill is taking that choice away from me and parents all across California” says Baretta.

“This petition needs a little over 36,000 signatures statewide to stop the bill and put it to a vote”

The petition fell short and the deadline came and went leaving concerned Californians baffled.

In an interview after the petition failed to provide the required number of signatures Baretta added, “I think the reason we didn’t get the signatures we needed is because most people trust their family doctors have their children’s best interest in mind, what they fail to understand is that most doctor receive very limited training in vaccinations”

Dr. Suzanne Humphries:

We learn that vaccines need to be given on schedule. We are indoctrinated with the mantra that ‘vaccines are safe and effective’—neither of which is true. Doctors today are given extensive training on how to talk to ‘hesitant’ parents—how to frighten them by vastly inflating the risks during natural infection. …on the necessity of twisting parents’ arms to conform, or fire them from their practices. Doctors are trained that NOTHING bad should be said about any vaccine, period.”

In the beginning of this year Disneyland officials confirmed a total of 45 cases of the measles in California spawning a push to vaccinate. By February of 2015 Senator Pan had written and submitted SB277 to the Senate Health Committee. Less than 90 days later this Senate Bill 277 was amended in order to bypass the appropriations committee and then quickly taken to a vote on the senate floor.

The lead in the Sacramento Bee on May 11th 2015 read as follows:

“California’s controversial proposal to eliminate the personal and religious belief exemptions for vaccinations could come up for a vote in the Senate as early as Thursday after amendments were quietly made to the bill last week”

Senator Pan of Sacramento is quoted saying “This bill now is really about abolishing the personal belief exemption”

SB277 passed in the summer of 2015 and will be in affect in July 2016 making California the third state in the nation along with Mississippi and New Mexico whose state rights to personal and religious belief exemptions have been completely eliminated.

Due the grandfather clause in SB277, children in 2nd grade through 6th grade will not have to be vaccinated unless they are transferring from another school district which means there will be a large number of students that won’t even be vaccinated under the new schedule.

A quick recap of the timeline for the purposes of clarity; 45 cases of measles reported at Disneyland in January. In February, Senator Pan, who received over 90,000 dollars in contributions directly from the companies who produce the vaccines and a positon in the research department after his term, wrote SB277 eliminating personal and religious belief exemptions in California.

In the beginning of May, the bill was amended to bypass the appropriations committee because the safety of California’s children was of “vital importance”

By May 11th the senate committee was ready to vote on this bill authored by a man who has never written a bill on health care.

One month later, in June, Governor Brown signs SB277 adding California to a list of only two other states in the nation whose personal and religious belief exemptions have been eliminated.

In July of 2016, when SB277 takes effect, over half of the students in California under 18 years of age will not be vaccinated for another 1-7 years according to the new schedule.

Senate bill 277 that eliminates state rights of religion and education affecting over 39 million California residents went from pen to vote in less than 5 months.

Some believe that the bill is more about agenda than safety.

Dr. Lynne R Mielke of Pleasanton stood before the senate on the day the committee voted and stated, “I am deeply concerned about losing my freedoms and inherent right to make my own medical decisions and that of my child”

Nearly all of the major vaccines contain aborted human, cow or swine fetus which has, for years, been an issue with those Californians with personal and religious beliefs that oppose injecting themselves or their children with the remains of dead humans and animals.

Under the former guidelines their beliefs have been protected.

SB277 has eliminated the personal and religious belief exemptions that Californians already had on file with their respective schools and physicians.

Parents who do not wish to vaccinate their children under the new vaccination schedule, which has doubled the amount of shots in the former schedule, will now have until December 31st of this year to get their physicians to sign a new Personal Belief Exemption form.

SB277 contains language referring to the addition of immunization record into financial aid folders for colleges in California.

“If you are attending any college in California and you need financial aid to ensure your education these vaccination schedules must be met, if they are not, this will be noted in your scholarship schedule and financial aid portfolio” says Baretta.

SB277 is a forced vaccination mandate and once a vaccine is given it cannot be undone.

Depending on an individual’s genetic makeup, the downside of vaccinations may only be the sting of the needle for some it could mean permanent disability, stroke or death.

The question arises once again.

Will you compromise your education for the sake of your health or compromise your health for the sake of your education?

In 2016, millions of Californians will be forced to answer.

D.A. Medina

Rise and fall of a relationship

I really feel that I have an advantage writing these papers about relationships, children and parenthood; that ‘hood that you never leave. I have been in my relationship for over 19 years and can speak with both experience and intelligence on this particular subject of relationships.
I really like the title The Rise and Fall of a Relationship , because of the glaring fact that most relationships do not last and it’s easy to find a plethora of information on reasons why they don’t stand the test of time.
The initial meeting stage in Backman’s four stage model is typically the most exciting time and some folks are fooled into believing that their relationship is dipped in the stars and baptized in the waters of heaven. Actually in most cases, propinquity is the key that unlocks the door to newly found relationships.
Of course intimacy is the foundation to all relationships because it involves disclosure and more importantly vulnerability. These I believe are vital to building that arch upon which all good relationships are built. The trust involved in that infancy stage of romance is inimitable and some find when they used sand to make mortar; their foundations are dodgy at best and when the world gets in the way and reality rears its ugly head, the relationship collapses. Conversely, if the bricks are in place and the foundation is solid, relationships can weather any storm and are stronger because of it.
Needless to say, this foundation will determine which road will find four feet, the long road to maintaining the relationship or the short walk to dissolving that which was built on frivolity and lust.
I really like The way Levanger’s model is described in this section, it definitely holds water in my experience.
After 19 years with the same lovely and strong woman the attraction that laid the groundwork is still there and over the years of building and continuing to build thru trial and error I have found that our success was due to physical intimacy, lack of jealousy and communication. We have had times where we both felt our relationship was deteriorating, most couples do.
To pull my skirt even farther up my thigh(gross), our relationship ended for a short period of time but was renewed fairly quickly. Today we are more in love than we were 19 years ago (barf) and I will say that sexuality and burning down the bed from time to time with variations and role playing has solidified our sexual relationship over the last two decades. 
Of course, this is all bullshit we fight like cats in heat. 

If it wasn’t for my god-like dexterity I would be missing a limb or two, eating out of a straw, sniffing drain pipes and reciting the alphabet with Big Bird. 

Misery loves company and I’m her huckleberry hound. 
That’s not completely true either, the truth is actually somewhere in between, but I will never tell.
D.A. Medina

Snow White and the balanced self-monitoring dwarves

Psych Paper Fun….

I have written numerous indictments against the Snow White story including fair and unbiased appraisals of the sub-text to humor my chick and two daughters, warning them, in my own whimsical way, about the dangers of conformity, being too pretty and living with seven men. In an effort to kill two scales with one Apple (hahahaha) I will attempt to incorporate the answers in the exercise into my reaction which according to my Self-Monitoring Scale seems to be quite balanced.

After living on earth for more than forty years I have gleaned some wisdom from poor decisions and have made a firm resolution over ten years ago to strive to become a fine specimen of manhood, a true human being, a devout reader of books whilst completely disconnecting myself from the “Watchbox” and Its subtle trickery.

These choices have led to a new found balance in my life I had never experienced in the prior 30 years of life. Teenagers, in my humble opinion, are faced with the internet and the television land where the truth is hard to find and creativity wanes.

When creativity wanes it is usually replaced with cheap forms of sex and sexual innuendos leading the youths to believe that pop songs about mounting one another in some unknown club where women with bubble butts sip champagne is reality and will somehow, someday manifest itself in their tiny world of texting.

Of course there are some youths who shun the modern schema and form their own opinions about the way they look and the way they feel about sex. (They usually don’t fit in)

Personally, I have conceded to good health letting the wrinkles lay where they may. My intellect has taken the baton from my weary frame and flesh intent on becoming a complete man; body, mind and soul.

D.A. Medina

On the deep grammar of the White House Correspondents Association Dinner 

Friends, White House Correspondents, countrymen lend me your ear…pass me a beer and a small plate of fear. The rotten part of me loves the hypocrisy of folks running around the District of Columbia with “Press” badges on. If it wasn’t for all the social lubricants in the rooms and after parties the entire experience may as well be Chaplin flick with ragtime jazz playing in the background. The White House “Elite” rubbing elbows in a silent movie where everyone is smiling and not one soul dares to flick the “mute buttons” off their collective lapels as the whole show would go from Barnum and Bailey to Bobby and Whitney (which in my humble opinion is/was the only real reality show).

It is very difficult to behave as a journalist at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner when your mouth has been sewn shut, your arms have been chopped off and you need an IV in your neck to get anything into your body that resembles a “spirit”.
D.A. Medina

SRJC student’s horror story gives hope for new life after drug abuse

“I will give this interview on two conditions; you can’t use my name and you have to write it in a way that will help someone out there, you know someone on meth”

This is how my interview began with Rosie Lockwood, a mid-thirties Bay Area native, who attends Santa Rosa Junior College.

Rosie Lockwood is in the Federal Witness Protection Program. She is a single mother of three elementary school children, a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous and a full time student who proudly brags about her 4.0 grade point average.

“The last semester I got a “B” on my philosophy paper and I started crying”, Lockwood said holding back her laughter. “After the hell I have been through, I’m crying about a “B”?

Lockwood has been tormented by drug abuse since she was a child. “I remember my speed freak mom used to tell me that’s it was ok to date older men and even sleep with them if they sold dope and had money”

“My mom was supposed to keep me away from that kind of shit, instead she turned me on to it”

Lockwood began using meth at age 13, at 21 she met her husband who was 20 years her senior and a narcotics underboss for one of the largest cartels in North America. She refused to provide any specific details on her husband in the likelihood that anyone reading this article may “put two and two together and put her family in harm’s way”

“In the beginning it was like thatGoodfellas” movie; he knew everyone and everyone knew him, I was treated like a queen, I had whatever I wanted” Lockwood recalls.

This royal treatment didn’t last long though, in less than two months Lockwood was using meth everyday; smoking it at first and ultimately becoming an IV user of both meth and heroine.

Lockwood went on to describe horrific accounts of domestic violence including being stabbed, beaten, raped and sodomized by her husband and his friends.

“Yeah, dope dealers don’t like it when you do up all the dope that they are supposed to sell, even after all that, I wasn’t able to stop using” Lockwood said in a solemn tone.

Lockwood’s husband had “f**ked up a pretty big deal in Mexico” in the summer of 2012 that eventually led to his incarceration and subsequent entry into the Federal Witness Protection Plan along with “Rosie” and their three children.

“You know, today… I have a quiet mind and a loving heart, those are the gifts I got by working my program” Lockwood said with her smile lighting up the cafeteria.

“Lots of my friends tried to get clean and sober but were tripping hard on the spiritual part of the program, I told them its ok, if God scares you out of AA, drugs and alcohol will scare you right back in”


D.A. Medina




3 tips for the Virgin Car buyer

Good day,

Big Dan the Car-Man here with pearls of wisdom for those of you thinking about setting foot on the unholy grounds of your local automotive dealership. Most of us would rather sit in a dentist chair answering questions about our last vacation in all vowel sounds than deal with a “Car guy”.

Fear not dear reader, as a 15-year veteran in the car business Big Dan is here to equip you with all the information you need to make your next auto purchase painless and quite possibly pleasant!

Consider using the Internet Department

In this brave new millennium there is no reason to walk into an auto dealership uncomfortable and more importantly, unprepared. Using the Internet Dept. is easy, simply send out a few emails requesting information on which new or used vehicle you are interested in and 90 percent of the time you will receive correspondence which is both accurate and timely. The reason for the newly found honesty, accuracy and timeliness is quite simple; the Internet Dept.’s compensation is directly tied to the surveys that the client receives in the mail 10 days after the delivery. The happier you are the more money they make!

Check your credit before you begin 

Assuming you are not paying cash, it is a great idea to get online and procure your credit score(s). There are three agencies, Transunion, Equifax and Experian that banks use to determine whether or not they will lend to a first-time buyer. Check with each agency and find out your three scores, the middle score is usually most accurate. Check Bankrate.com for rates based on your situation.

Consider purchasing a “Certified pre-owned” vehicle

Since it’s your first time, it would be wise to choose a vehicle that has already absorbed a large amount of the depreciation, been thoroughly inspected and is equipped with a warranty that is honored by the manufacturer.
Almost all makes and models have “certified” programs that include numerous benefits including low interest rates, roadside service, Carfax vehicle history reports and some programs offer a “buyback” window where you can bring back the vehicle if you are not satisfied!
Now you can feel confident in your decision to purchase your first “set of wheels”. I have more tips and information on Carfax reports, warranties and buying cars privately, just email me at BigD@wecontroloursoul.com for more information!

Merry Motoring,

Big Dan


Smokey Robinson at Green Hall article

Smokey Robinson stirs up a Quiet Storm at Green Music Hall

75 year old pioneer of Motown is still the ‘Genius of Love’

“No one can sing, quite like Smokey, Smokey Robinson” penned by the pop-funk band “The Tom-Tom Club” for their 1981 hit ‘Genius of Love’ remains a valid ode to the Hall of Fame inductee.

On September 4, 2015, William ‘Smokey’ Robinson performed before a sold out crowd at the newly constructed Green Music Center on the campus of Sonoma State University in Petaluma, California.

The founding father of the “Detroit Sound” stepped on stage garbed in a green metallic suit kicked off the sold out show with the 1961 hit “Tears of a Clown”.

Robinson, wearing that solid gold grin, crooned his way through the opening tune written by Stevie Wonder and made famous by Smokey and his Miracles.

Singers of Robinson’s popularity are in a rare group of entertainers; a majority of their jobs on stage are accomplished by the audience. The sold out crowd of 4,261, composed primarily of those in the Woodstock demographic, were singing every lyric in motley harmony.

Smokey and his band upped the tempo with another hit “Going to a Go-Go”; the baby boomers joined in the fun dancing all over the grassy dancefloor, “The white man’s overbite” replacing “The Monkey” and “The Mashed Potato” respectively.

Robinson slowed things down with yet another Motown chart topper “Ooh baby baby” which he delivered in a tempo that resembled a Sony Walkman low on AA batteries.

Fellow Motown label mate Martha Reeves told Rolling Stone Magazine in their 100 greatest singers of all time issue, “With his tone and delivery, you could easily fall in love with Smokey”

Some of the female spectators seemed like they would have given Reeves statement an “Amen” as they hooted like a flock of drunken owls.

The only “Vegas” moment in the 95 minute performance came when Smokey’s background dancers pulled out umbrellas under the stars of a muggy summer night, put on raincoats whilst Robinson sang “Quiet Storm” as the dancers wiggled all over the stage. Wisconsin has never witnessed more cheese production.

Besides the silly Las Vegas moment, the performance was chocked with outstanding singing and phrasing from the most inimitable voice in pop music.

34 years after the Tom-Tom Club hit, Smokey Robinson proved in he is in fact ‘The Genius of Love”.


D.A. Medina